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team members helping to build angels in action Resource Center

Kornelia Purcell 

President & Founder- Bio

Andrea “Andi” Purcell

Executive Director- Bio

Trena Purcell

Director of Inventory-Bio

Past. Mechele Robinson

Board Member & Prayer Ministry- Bio

Janet L. Nowlin

Board Member-Bio

Bessie McDaniel

Board Member- Bio

The inspiration behind the Angels in action resource center

Our inspiration

Elder Seddrick J. Purcell

Elder Seddrick J. Purcell was a man with a huge, compassionate heart. He loved everyone and helped whoever he could. As our namesake for Angels In Action Resource Center we felt it was important to share about who he was and why this mission is so important not only to us but to our community.


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  • Integrity
  • Empowerment
  • Servanthood
  • Spirit-leadership
  • Community

To transform lives by supporting people and families in crisis situations by providing emergency resources within specific demographic regions. Our purpose and passion is to provide tools to help each person and family conquer their life storms by angelically assisting them with probono professional services, consultation, education, charity and community support.

To angelically serve our community. We feel strongly that no one should have to struggle alone, and our desire is to show God’s love in a powerful and practical way through love, compassion, hope, and charity. Every person in our
organization operates with integrity, honesty and the utmost respect as we continually strive to uplift those
in need.